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Schola Nova provides an outstanding educational experience for children of different nationalities living in Islamabad.

The goal of the school is to provide each learner with an enjoyable and memorable experience, while discovering and developing skills and talents that will facilitate success, both here at School and beyond.  
  A strong and proven academic program, extensive co-curricular opportunities and strong relationships between students, teachers and parents provide a foundation that breeds success.   What differentiates us from other schools is our commitment of time and resources to support our students’ transition from childhood to adolescence. This stage of life is filled with key questions, such as “Who am I? What are my strengths and weaknesses?” and “How do I fit in with the people around me?” We provide ongoing support for students as they explore the world around them and become at ease with themselves.
  "Schola Nova offers a broad and challenging Pre School to A Level preparatory program. Drawing on the best curriculum models and sensitive to the environment, the school delivers a comprehensive academic education in partnership with parents. We encourage all students to reach their full potential, both inside and outside the classroom, so that the children can become self-reliant adults able to function responsibly and successfully in a complex, rapidly changing world.  
  That the children of Shola Nova are a sacred trust and that it is our moral obligation to help each child gain knowledge and grow into responsible, well balanced person and citizen.
  • To develop a child's ability to think to reason and to analyze.
  • To create a congenial atmosphere that encourages growth.
  • To provide opportunity to every child to develop his/her potential for blossoming to the best of his/her ability.
  • That children are treated with respect and affection.
  • That every child is given individual attention.
  • That every child gets an opportunity to be appreciated in some aspect of his /her work.
  • That every child gains self confidence and studies to the best of his/her ability
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