Our curriculum has been carefully designed keeping in mind global trends and the latest requirements of education. We do not believe in simply bookish education. In fact we wish to equip our students with skills that will increase their knowledge and horizon in order to secure a bright future.

From a young age different activities and projects are assigned to students so that they gain confidence in expressing their views, interests and ideas.

Physical exercise and music are important for healthy growth of mind and body. Therefore these are upgraded to ensure that students are both mentally and physically healthy.

Co-curricular activities are also developed from time to time in order to reflect new research. Schola Nova is the only school that offers Sign Language as we believe in respecting people with different needs.

Grooming and character building have always been an integral part of education at Schola Nova. We conduct different workshops at all levels so that our students understand the importance of personality development.

As educationists, we feel it is binding on us to create responsible individuals and therefore we carry out different workshops from time to time to nurture social growth amongst our students e.g. conducting charity work, celebrating Dignity Day.

As a citizen of Pakistan, it is mandatory for parents and teachers to promote love for the nation in our children. We therefore celebrate as many national events as possible in a manner so that our students realize how crucial it is to respect the founders of the nation and pay tribute to all those who worked so hard to make Pakistan a reality.

The O Levels program offers the most popular subjects and one of the best faculties in Islamabad. We have been producing excellent results as individual attention is provided to each student while struggling students are given extra help after school. Continuous tests and assessments are conducted to ensure that students have enough practice before their final exams. Before appearing for the O Levels examinations students are equipped with adequate grasp on subject knowledge so that they are confident about their abilities. Time management is a key learning that students achieve throughout the final two years. For more details about our O Levels program click here