Madiha Razzaq

Senior Branch Manager (Junior Branch)

Madiha is enjoying her 13th year at Schola Nova. She did her BCS and decided to venture into the education sector as she loves children and has her way around them. From syllabus to teacher coordination to handling parents’ concerns regarding academics, she ensures that children at Schola Nova are getting the most in terms of quality education. Madiha’s commitment is evident from the high level of satisfaction amongst parents.

Ali Yousaf

Senior Branch Manager (Senior Branch)

Ali has been around for 15 years. He handles all O Levels student’s duties, from admissions to student data to report cards maintenance. He ensures the smooth functioning of all activities in the school so that teachers and students can concentrate on academics. His loyalty to Schola Nova is reflected in his experience and expertise. In short he is considered the backbone of the senior branch.

Mehreen Ahmed

Admission Coordinator (Junior Branch)

Mehreen is happily working at Schola Nova as she approaches her sixth year.  She holds an MBA in HR and thus applies her knowledge to maintain a well-balanced coordination between parents, teachers and students. She looks after teacher concerns, lower staff administration and handles parent’s queries. Being a very friendly person, Mehreen can be easily approached.

Kanwal Saeed

Senior Admission Coordinator (Senior Branch)

Kanwal has been with Schola Nova for 15 years. She holds a B.Sc. in Home Economics and an M.Sc. in Art and Design. At Schola Nova she believes that there is a great culture of giving back to the employees. She is a welcoming person who makes herself available to parent’s feedback and questions. Parents from Junior and Senior Branches are very comfortable with her as she has been around for a long time.

Summaya Badar

Admin Coordinator  (Senior Branch)

Summaya holds a Bachelor (Honors) degree in Fine Arts. She has been running her own set-up of event planning for the past three years. Hence managing media and event coordination are her expertise at Schola Nova. She also acts as a liaison between parents, students and teachers. Her strong interpersonal and communication skills enable her to keep all parties happy.

Rehana Rasool

Academic Coordinator (Pre-School)

Rehana has been with Schola Nova for 8 years. She came as the Kindergarten teacher and became the Pre-school Coordinator because of her excellence and dedication. She ensures the smooth functioning of the pre-school, works with struggling children and tracks their performance and designs the syllabus. Training new teachers and handling parents’ concerns are also her strong qualities.

Ayesha Khizar

Academic Coordinator (Primary School)

Ayesha has been a teacher in Schola Nova for more than 5 years. After proving her abilities and her sincere efforts, she is now the Academic Coordinator. She has provided exemplary teaching practices and strategies and therefore is now well-equipped to monitor academic activities. She also manages parents’ and teachers’ queries and conducts follow ups to ensure all members are happy.

Faiza Bilal

Academic Coordinator (Junior and Senior Branches)

A well-known and well-experienced name in the filed of education, Faiza offers her services as an Academic Coordinator and Quality Assurance Manager at Schola Nova. Read more

Semra Salik (PhD Scholar)

Clinical Psychologist Certified Hypnotherapist, NGH- USA Certified Neuro-linguistic Practitioner, NFNLP- USA

As a clinical psychologist, Semra works at two clinics in the capital and is associated with various organizations promoting mental health. She is often invited to deliver lectures and talks on psychological wellbeing and also conducts camps in different institutes every month. At Schola Nova she is a visiting member and is consulted to give her expertise regarding child mental and physical health.