Classrooms are well-equipped with all the necessary tools enabling students to concentrate on their education. Rooms are properly ventilated and are made comfortable for students with respect to changing weather i.e.  heaters and air conditioners are installed.

Smart boards are available while the school staff ensures that informative yet interesting material is creatively designed and displayed in the classrooms and across corridors. The purpose is to create a conducive learning environment. The furniture is upgraded to ensure comfort of the students.         

Teachers are provided with all the facilities to make lectures, photocopy them, print them and present them in the classroom. The computer lab, science lab and a library cum music room are well-maintained. Inspections are made by internal and external auditors to ensure that the school building meets all standards.

The Preschool is designed in a manner to make learning fun while providing a caring environment for the little ones. Teachers are continuously looking for new ways to maintain the interest and attention of their students.