Thank you for your interest in Schola Nova School. We are honored that you are taking the time to learn about Schola Nova, a truly magical place.

We aim to foster intellectual, physical, moral, cultural and spiritual development,

    • We believe education to be an undertaking of supreme importance, enabling all to become responsible citizens and active participants and leaders in the wider community.
    • We believe that Schola Nova is a learning community committed to academic excellence and guided by principles of justice and compassion. rated as one of the top ten schools in Islamabad.
  • We expect everyone to demonstrate qualities of courtesy, honesty, diligence and enterprise.

Admissions are open throughout the academic year at both, Junior and Senior, branch of Schola Nova. Academic session begins in August/September each year, consists of two terms, Annual exams are conducted in May/June, No student is allowed admission without passing the Entry Test.

Admission forms can be obtained from any of the branches during school hours 9:00 AM  2:00 PM or you may Apply Online.

Code of Conduct

We recognize that proper behavior is essential to the development of responsible and self-disciplined citizens and to the operation of an effective school system. Proper behavior must always and simply be based on three principles: respect for oneself, respect for the worth and dignity of others and respect for one’s own and others’ property. Good conduct is not only a matter of observing a list of rules but also a matter of care, sensitivity, good example and involvement in the school as a community.

Rules and Regulations

We at Schola Nova consider it incumbent on our part to teach our students the importance of following rules and regulations. Strict rules regarding behavior and school work are in place and are regularly upgraded to reflect the most current times. These are intimidated to parents so that they are aware of changes.

Complete our Online Inquiry Form to let us know that you
are interested in Schola Nova.
You will be sent a schedule of tour.
You will be given an admission test date and the detail of documents required for submission.
You will informed about the test result.

Uniform Guidelines

Wearing a uniform is a sign of identification with the school community of Schola Nova. By wearing a uniform, students show pride in their school and exhibit respect for their person by dressing in a dignified manner. The uniform also helps to reduce competition in dress as a result of contemporary styles. Student should arrive at and leave school in full uniform.

    • Boys hair length may not exceed collar length. All hair must be kept clean and neat. Fad or engraved hairstyles are not permitted.
    • Jewelry is not permitted, except that girls may wear one pair of post earrings, no hoops or dangles.
    • Positively NO Make-Up or Nail-Polish is permitted during school hours.
  • School shoes black, non-skid are required. No sandals, clogs or loafers. Heels on shoes are not to be more than one inch in height.
  • Girl’s hair should be neat and tied up.
  • Both boys and girls should have neat and trimmed nails.


Parents are responsible to pick up their children at dismissal time. In extraordinary circumstances, if a parent or guardian is unable to pick up a student, arrangements must be made with the Principal or School coordinator in advance.